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The Human Temple way to follow
1. You need to be smiley at The human Temple.
2. You need to follow The Eating Habit of The Human Temple.
​3. You will Get Shared Room you can bring your Partner at The Human Temple.
4. You will get 80% Nature based Lively Food and 20% solid food only.
5. You have to Remember you came to The Human Temple for being Healthy and happy not to Eat and sleep.
6. You will have to wake up Early at The Human Temple. 
7. You will have to Complete the Detox program of The Human Temple. 
8. You will allow to talk and allow phone in one time only at The Human Temple.
9. You will have to be smiley
10. You will have to follow the Eating way
11. You will get Meal according To the Center 
12. You will not get regular home base meal
14. You will have to be silence for 22 hours 
15 You must have to complete the human meditation course 
16. You are not allow to leave during the course

Thanks for registering to our yoga. See you there!

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