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 (Master of Meditation)


Wake up at 1:30 am
Meditation at 2:30 am
Winner of mind
Against of sleep
21 hours Meditator 
65 days silence 
95 days 1 meal fast
48 hours fast twice 

Hay My loving Beautiful Soul 
I m here to takes you back to the universe join me feel yourself, remember our Base and prepar yourself to Go back to Home 
Join me understand me, understand the process , be silence know yourself, feel yourself and let’s start walk towards to the Universe 
Come to The Human Temple and let’s have more Satsang about our Journey 

Small introduction 

Originally from the Universe Name Soul here on Earth Ram, have Mother is Nature here on earth is a Gowri, base Religion humanism here on earth as a Hindu, home is Universe here on Earth a small place in India,

That’s the small introduction and Have Aim.. or living for
Separate humans from the Mind and take back to the Universe 

Thank you 
Your Soulmate 
The Human 




It’s Me here Rahul 
Based from a small town in Gujarat I came to the world from the universe through a beautiful lady Call A mother,
I m blessed to have a beautiful loving soul surrounding me, and thanks universe to allow me survive on this beautiful planet And finally a long deep intrest of spirituality which now I got platform to share with you. 
Let’s hope and we will do our best to serve you from depth of our heart and soul....

So That’s it all a small part of my journey about Me and sure will  share more.....

Thank you 

Your Soulmate 

The Human 





Here I m Meenakshi
Born in a spiritual place Ujjain, MP. Have deep connection with a all spiritual soul surrounding me and I m a blessed to have all beautiful people, I have a a strong spiritual bonding this Mr human Since a long and he pulled me more deep in to it..
I m glad to be part of The Human Temples and I will serve my best to you guys from depth of my heart and soul, 
I started share my journey of experience about my Nutrition in Human Physiology, I practiced Nutritionist in R D Gardi Medical college In Ujjain, I got trained from the GITA BHAGWAN HOSPITAL INDORE, I Recognised As MASTER IN HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY and I m sharing my all experience with people since last 6 years and now finally I got A warm calling from this spiritual Angel to Serve you....
So Yes... this is a small All about Myself and will do our best to serve you better then your expectations....

Thank you 
Your Soulmate 
The Human 


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