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About Us

Journey begins when I was 12 years younger 

I remember holding two hands together and Standing on the ground with knees bent & looking up at the sky & I was begging to God, Hay god I don’t want to die & I remember that I used to cry a lot because I will die one day.

This is my first step towards the spirituality and slowly slowly walk step step by fall in deep... meeting spiritual person and started to know about spirituality about death about soul... and with this thought in normal regular life almost after 12 to 15 years later I started meditation few minutes and again with normal life and by 2010 my cousin went back to the universe this moment was the complete turning point of my life and I left home And AGain I started to meet and started to read many spiritual Gurus with normal life till 2017... and again some vibes... some moment... some message come in me and started my meditation journey... I started meditation from 6am slowly slowly I increased it and within one year I used to wake up at 01:30am 
I started my meditation at 2:30am and here something I felt feel change in my life.... and finally in 2018 I left normal life, work and went deeper in to my spiritual journey and in 2019 I started doing 10 hours meditation every day and I reached up to 21 hours meditation and this makes me change completely during this time I got this thought to start a meditation centre and something what I got my meditation journey I should share with the people 
And this is how it happens.....

Yoga at Home
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